At Hawkeye Hotels, our employees are committed to the same principles and values that drive our work like midwestern friendliness and midwestern hospitality. A second generation of Patels have made innovation and entrepreneurialism a centerpiece of the work. Because of the outstanding work ethic and talent we seek in our associates, there is not a single individual we don't see as essential to our Hawkeye family.

Executive Team

Bob Patel - Chief Executive Officer

Ravi Patel - President

Raj Patel - Chief Development Officer

Sajni Patel - Vice President

Anju Patel - Executive Officer

Finance Team

Parth Patel - Vice President, Investments

Revenue Team

Dale Wenner - Vice President, Revenue

Operations Team

Mitul Patel - IT & Maintenance Director

Laura Harshaw - Director, Operations

Lani Pendleton - Director, People and Culture

Matthew Grafton - Corporate Director, Facilities

Taylor Johnson - Director, Hotel Performance

Acquisitions and Development

Om Patel - Vice President, Development

Sales Team

Jimmy Schlichting - Vice President, Sales