At Hawkeye Hotels, our employees are committed to the same principles and values that drive our work like midwestern friendliness and midwestern hospitality. A second generation of Patels have made innovation and entrepreneurialism a centerpiece of the work. Because of the outstanding work ethic and talent we seek in our associates, there is not a single individual we don't see as essential to our Hawkeye family.

Executive Team

Bob Patel - Chief Executive Officer

Ravi Patel - President

Raj Patel - Chief Development Officer

Sajni Patel - Vice President

Finance Team

Angie Patel - Director, Payroll & Accounting

Parth Patel - Director, Investments

Boyd James - Manager, Accounting

Melissa Bean - Accounting Specialist

Katie Halfman - Accounting Clerk

Traci Simonson - Administrator, Payroll & Benefits

Ian Taylor - Financial Analyst

Zachary Graefen - Financial Analyst

Baraa Suleiman - Financial Analyst

Revenue Team

Jason Fawaz - VP, Revenue

Joshua Clark - Regional Director, Sales

Heather Condeluci - Regional Director, Sales

Knute Gregory - Manager, Marketing

Dale Wenner - Regional Revenue Manager

Nick Moeller - Regional Revenue Manager

Dillon Holzmann - Regional Revenue Manager

Amy Wekselman - Regional Revenue Manager

Kyle Messer - Coordinator, Marketing

Operations Team

Tony Cruz - VP, Operations

Matthew Grafton - Director, Facilities

Shahzad Ali - Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Jacob Larson - Regional Director, Food & Beverage

Mitul Patel - Asset Manager

Lindsey Broome - Manager, Operations

Cassandra Rule - Manager, Purchasing

Taylor Johnson - Regional Director, Operations

Jesse Kremer - Regional Director, Operations

Chris Uselman - Regional Director, Operations

Samantha Shelton - Regional Director, Operations

Tina Harris - Regional Director, Operations

Shaleia Murray - Manager, Human Resources

Eric Lewandowski - Regional Manager, Maintenance

Acquisitions and Development

Om Patel - Director, Development

Ting Lu - Director, Procurement

Samir Patel - Sr Manager, Development

Jay Patel - Manager, Development

Cynthia Feng - Coordinator, Planning & Development