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Sound investment decisions result in consistent profitability.

Hawkeye Hotels employs a solid team of hospitality professionals who identify excellent investment opportunities, manage complex development projects and uphold high standards. This approach has resulted in long-term investor value and optimal returns.

With an adaptable team in our corporate offices and in the field, we have weathered any and all economic climate changes. Hawkeye Hotels’ proven track record of financial success over multiple market cycles sets us apart from other hospitality companies. Steady growth and consistent profitability are here to stay.

We respect our robust relationships with investors and partners, which we have worked hard to develop over the last 30 years. In addition, we strive to reward all stakeholders, including guests, owners and associates. Because of our associates’ excellent customer service, we can ensure guest loyalty and enhance every stakeholders’ return on investment.

Investment goes hand in hand with development, another area of expertise. Keeping a continuous watch on day-to-day finances and making sound long-term decisions have made Hawkeye Hotels a leader in the hospitality industry.

All partners can be assured of profitability through Hawkeye Hotels. Contact us for details.