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We elevate development to new levels of excellence.

Hawkeye Hotels offers more than 30 years of proven experience in creating profitable development opportunities through new construction and redevelopment projects. We have a discerning eye for identifying good investments, whether they are building sites in growing markets or aging properties. Our accomplished team brings a first-rate skill set to every project from market analysis to engineering oversight to hotel staffing. We quickly adapt to the changes that are inevitable in even the most well-orchestrated projects. In addition, our principals invest alongside other investors. As a result, Hawkeye Hotels has a stake in the ultimate success of each and every project.

New Construction

With an expert technical staff in-house and strong partnerships with our contractors, we have new hotel construction down to a science. In 2012, we constructed the Hampton Inn Iowa City/University Area hotel in 109 days. This success story can be credited to excellent teamwork and the real estate, construction, design, procurement and management expertise of our team members. Hawkeye Hotels has proven its success over time by developing new assets on-time, on-budget and on-target with financial projections and guest satisfaction ratings.


Our in-house capabilities and versatility serve as valuable assets to redevelopment projects as well. We excel in locating aging assets to rebrand and renovate. We realize that making the proper investments at the onset of a redevelopment project improves guest loyalty, long-term performance and ease of maintenance. Meticulous planning, design and execution result in fresh facilities that reflect the chosen brand’s image. Franchisors, lenders and local communities frequently recognize our redevelopment achievements. For profitable development and redevelopment opportunities with long-term value and optimal returns, look no further than Hawkeye Hotels. We’re transforming the hospitality business into something truly impressive.