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One of america’s fastest growing, privately owned hotel companies.

Founded in 1982 with one roadside hotel in Mena, Arkansas, Hawkeye Hotels has become one of the fastest-growing family-owned hospitality companies in the U.S. Today, Hawkeye Hotels owns and operates over $400 million in assets across the Midwest. We employ over 1,000 employees across our portfolio of hotels and corporate offices. We maintain lasting affiliations with leading brands, including Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental and Starwood.

As a family owned and operated company, genuine Midwestern values of hard work, integrity and family inspire our corporate culture. The next generation of family has stepped in, bringing fresh ideas and renewed energy to the leadership team. Our team knows the importance of having the tools, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve ongoing success in the hospitality industry.

Our strengths

Over the last three decades, Hawkeye Hotels has evolved strengths in the development, investment and management of hotel properties located across the U.S.

Management excellence is a pillar of our business. Our management philosophy ensures the use of consistent operational and financial systems. We have created systems and controls for every aspect of our business. Our solid procedures maximize revenue today and create profitable strategies for the future.

Hawkeye Hotels enjoys the challenges of finding strong investment opportunities, from identifying land in developing markets to acquiring assets. We have proven our investment acumen even through economic downturns.

Our development expertise makes new construction as well as total renovations faster and more systematic. In 2012, Hawkeye Hotels built and opened a beautiful new Hampton Inn in Iowa City, Iowa, in 109 days, from slab to finish. This set a new record as the fastest new build with Hilton Worldwide.

Finally, Hawkeye Hotels values long-term collaborations as well as new partnerships. The company has maintained relationships with lenders and franchises for over 30 years

Hawkeye Hotels thrives on changing the hospitality business. Be part of the transformation.